#YourReopening: Fitness Gurus, Go Forth and Keep Earning

There’s no time like the present to really engage with your clients than now: whether they’re stuck at home under lockdown restrictions and wanting to maintain their fitness routine via a bit of in-person social distancing. Or whether they’re trying something new, or training for an upcoming event. Lockdown is a great way to get to know your clients and your own brand.

Here’s how:

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Move your Personal training online! Start offering online video call sessions. PTs who are offering this realise that this means they can offer sessions from anywhere in the world, and by getting into these new habits with your clients, you can even offer sessions a couple of hours a day while you’re on holidays in the future!

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Reach out to your regulars: How do you do? Got a messenger app? Or are you still texting? Or have you got a newsletter (ooh, you fancy thing)? Just shoot over a single Catchapp Bookings link to your clients to connect with your regulars, and find a date that works for both of you. Each link features every available date that you’ve set in your diary. Just one link does it all. No need to duplicate an invite. Just send a single message with your availability and see who responds! Did we mention it syncs with ALL of your calendars? Perfect every time.

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The only link you need, ever: A one-stop shop for all your needs, Catchapp Bookings is your business card, your receptionist and your accountant all at once. Only get booked at a time that suits you, and get paid upfront all at once! We don’t ever charge commission, by the way. (You’re welcome.)

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Hello stranger(s)! Just leave your Catchapp link on your bio, site, or send it via an email or newsletter and watch the magic happen! Who knows who’ll sign up? Win new business, new fans, new lovers….*

Make time for better times ahead and connect with your clients. Use CatchApp Bookings to connect with your clients, increase your bookings, make their life easier, and set yourself up to be busier than ever! What are you waiting for? There’s no time quite like the present, after all.

Disclaimer: Mixing business and pleasure is what we’re all about, but the team at Catchapp don’t actually recommend the last one on this list. Could get sticky.**

  • Mazel tov if you can make it work though.
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