Catchapp Bookings: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

New to CatchApp Bookings? Lucky you! Let’s get you set up!

No doubt you’ve heard of some of the great things our mobile app can do, but the latest addition to the CatchApp family allows you to accept client appointments 24x7! And, you can even start accepting pre-payments from your clients. See what CatchApp Bookings can do for you whether you’re a new business trying to build your customer base, or just trying to make things easier for your clients by taking the hassle out of booking their sessions with you.

We’re here to give you the full rundown on how to make the most out of CatchApp Bookings.

The Benefits:

Thought it was worth whipping these out again so you can really see where that bottom dollar is headed…

  • 24/7 bookings: set a time at your leisure, and your clients book. Piece of cake.
  • All-in-one, one-for-all: That’s right, Catchapp is your business card, your receptionist and your accountant all at once.
  • Integrated videocalls: never faff again for a lost link in your emails, just select the option when you set up the meeting, and you’re good to go.
  • Get paid in advance: increase your cashflow now by accepting pre-booked appointments. Funds go direct to your account, and we don’t charge commission!
  • Spread the love: One link shares your availability with anyone who might want to book you. Pop it in your signature, your bio, in your newsletter, your socials…phew, you get the point!
  • Always on time: Catchapp works out timezones, so you don’t have to. Smart, huh?
  • 100% privacy-orientated: we never sell your data. Your business is YOUR business.


Remember starting out as a maverick entrepreneur? That was the hard part. Deep breath in– You’ve got this.

  1. Once you’ve added your email and card details, you’re good to go! Let’s start by adding some times– just click the big green button here to get started.
Hit that button, you know you wanna– it’s the key to all your scheduling dreams, we guarantee it.

2. Just fill in the blanks: our dropdown menu gives you 15, 30, or 60 minute slots to choose from, so you can just pick the one that suits best– more on this later…

Name your appointment something simple, informative, fun, sassy…the world’s your oyster!

3. Select the start times you want on each of your available days and just drag! Times fill out according to the increment you select.

Scheduling’s a drag– just drag into next week, next month…the next 6, really, if you like to think ahead!

4. Tick the relevant boxes– our dropdown menu lets you choose from a whole range of options.

Appointments in an instant– no brainer!

5. Taaaada! You’ve done it– just copy and paste the highlighted link on your socials, or embed the html above it onto your site.

Send it to your clients in an email, leave it in their DMs, your signature, your socials, scribble it on the inside of a bathroom stall for a good time– wait maybe don’t do that last one.

Here’s that link in action!

The icing on the cake? That sweet, sweet 5 minute sign-up time. Oooh yeah.

Additional features:

That’s not all! You didn’t think we’d let you go without an extra treat, did you?

  • Our built-in Video Calls are 100% Free! So, if you already do appointments by Video Call, no need to pay for a premium account elsewhere. Just offer your location as CatchApp Video Call, and your invitees get a unique link to click through to join, with no account to set up at all!
  • We never ever charge commission! All that cash dolla is yours to keep.
  • We’ll do some onboarding for you too: we’re all about accommodating learning styles here, so just chat to us and we’ll set you up with a bespoke 30 minute training session over Video Call.

So whether you’re a driving instructor, personal trainer, babysitter, offering equestrian lessons, or just a big dreamer trying to make the big time, we’ve got your back. Call it star treatment– we call it complimentary!

TL;DR? Yeah we get you, but it really is that easy! Plus, if you join today and activate a 12-month subscription, you save 50% off!

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